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Spawn #10 &
EXtra-Image Presents #1-4

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Spawn #10

by Dave Sim & Todd McFarlane

“Crossing Over”
Dedicated To: Don Heck

There is a line of men. Their hands are bound behind them. They are hooded. Helpless… Without them Spawn (I… He) could not exist… Beneath their hoods they are weeping.



Their creators. The ones who sold them. Like Cerebus said. It’s best not to think about it.


by Eric Stephenson & Richard Horie

“Awakenings”, “Awakenings Part Two”, “Strange Interlude” & “Bull Rush”

Trans-dimensional jump successful. I have arrived on Earth… and my readings indicate that these crude attempts at constructing artificial life from existing genetic matrices will suffice our needs.

On Capitol Hill today, Senator Edward Rife continued to push for renewed investigation into the dealings of former CIA Director Jedemiah Hagstrom.

Memory or no memory, I’m here for a reason. And no matter how self-righteous it sounds, it’s my duty to protect people. I bet Enigma knew it all along.

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