One Song Each

One Song Each (Side A, Track 8)


On our music & memories show, co-hosts Joe Fixit, Ill Mac, & Diabolu Frank each select a song to discuss, relating facts about its release, its meaning, and how it relates to them anecdotally.


  1. “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” from the 1976 album Ramones by The Ramones
  2. “Tainted Love” from the 1981 album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell
  3. “Candy” from the 1986 album Word Up! by Cameo
  4. “Opposites Attract” from the 1988 album Forever Your Girl by Paula Abdul

Artists: Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine, Mister Fixit
Label: Rolled Spine Podcasts
Format: MP3 Digital Download/Streaming
Country: USA
Released: 08 August 2018
Genre: Punk, Synth-pop, Funk, New jack swing

1 thought on “One Song Each (Side A, Track 8)”

  1. G”day Mark, I contacted the Grand Prix organisers and asked when the track schedule would be released and they advised it would be released in “late January. Check back with us and I will update our page as new information comes to hand. Cheers, Jess


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