The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 089

New Line Cinema
20th Anniversary Edition (1998)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! We’ve been celebrating the tenth anniversary of Marvel Studios this year, but it’s been double that time since the movie that made all that possible, and Illegal Machine, Mr. Fix-It & Diabolu Frank are here to honor Stephen Norrington’s Blade! One of the single most important comic book flicks ever, Blade broke the “Marvel Curse” of movies that were economic and critical failures, it was their first cinematic franchise, their first film with African-American leads, and it’s also frickin’ wicked! Return with us to the days when Wesley Snipes was the proto-Robert Downey Jr., Kris Kristofferson was The Rhodey, Stephen Dorff was, uh, sorta-Stane and I guess Happy Hogan was the dude from Grounded For Life? Look, we’re stretching here, but seriously, Blade taught Singer’s X-Men how to dress and screenwriter David Goyer was the dude that later got tapped to de-Schumacher Batman. It all starter with the Vampire Slayer Hunter! Excelsior!

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1 thought on “The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast Episode 089”

  1. I just wish these movies were as good as their cover art. Some of them were great like the Conan movies, but then you had stuff like Outlaw of Gor. To push back a bit, I like both Krull and Fire and Ice. I also really liked Red Sonya and Lou Ferrigno”s first Hercules movie. Those stop motion mechanical monsters are awesome. I remember Masters of the Universe was a big disappointment for me as a kid. It was a huge let down when they got transported to modern day earth. Even as a kid I knew this was a major cop out. I heard a rumor years later that the producer and director had blown all the film”s original budget up their noses, and that”s why it turned out so bad. I don”t know if that”s true or not though. I haven”t seen Hawk the slayer, or The Warrior and the Sorceress, but I pretty much like all the other films on this list to some extent. My biggest pet peeve with other films in this genre is that I like my heroes jacked. There”s nothing worse than trying suspend a sense of disbelief when the hero is played by a skinny dude with a farmer”s tan and no muscle tone, trying to swing a sword that is way too big for him.


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