Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #19

The Cheetah Unleashed:

Barbara Minerva in the Post-Crisis DC Universe

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Frank returns after a year’s sabbatical to find… most of the other Amazing Amazon comics podcasters have podfaded and the movie sequel pushed back seven months to 2020? Perhaps now more than ever, the world is waiting for a Barbara Minerva / The Cheetah III podcast! This episode covers nearly every Cheetah story from 1986-2011, from her debut to her origin and overall career prior to the New 52 reboot! Included is Underworld Unleashed, a well regarded event mini-series from 1995, which a group of bloggers/podcasters join us in exploring for a crossover all our own!

Underworld Unleashed #BestEventEver

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1 thought on “Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Podcast #19”

  1. ‘She’s basically Rosanne Barr as played by Joan Collins.’ Brilliant!

    Thanks for a fascinating show, so much research. Your conclusion that BAM is basically crap is an opinion I’ve held since her first appearance. Yep, that origin is vile, and repositioning the Cheetah villain as a super-speed werewolf makes her less original and interesting, and Diana’s constantly forgiving attitude really hurts Wonder Woman. Give me a tricky woman in a faux fur catsuit any time.

    I really wouldn’t get het up about her inconsistent power levels in her many guest appearances and group shots – is there a single DC villain who doesn’t get constantly mistreated outside their home books?


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