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Spawn #14 &
Wetworks Ashcan (1992)

Listener Discretion Advised

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Spawn #14

by Todd McFarlane

“Myths” Part 1
Dedicated To: Jim Salicrup

It was I! …Humble little ol’ VIOLATOR! …Now now, boys. I gave you the courtesy of hearing about your heroes. I ask only for a few moments of your time as I tell you about my adventures… Over 800 years ago…

I hope Chief Banks is dying of an ulcer! We shoved it right up his rear! …The investigating board didn’t know anything about him. With us cleared, they’re antsy to find out what really happened.

How could I be so stupid. I’ve let anger dictate my actions. Chapel now knows I’m alive…

Wetworks Ashcan

by Whilce Portacio & Scott Williams

Image is Everything

Promotional Material

  • Dreamer Comics Podcast: Comic book show where Comics creators talk about their projects, their process and the story behind their stories hosted by Omar Spahi.
  • Punisher: Body Count: We’re Dane and Jake, co-host compadres on the net’s best podcast for all things Punisher!
  • Wetwork is a bi-weekly podcast about vocations. This is about intrigue. This about is what lives in the shadows. This is about war. This is dirty. Love your job? Hate it? It doesn’t matter. Occasionally it’s all Wetwork.

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