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Spawn #16 &
Pitt #0.5-4

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Spawn #16

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo

“Reflections” Part 1
Dedicated To: Max Gaines

Welcome to Simmonsville, Major Vale. Our very own little piece of Hell on Earth.

And if I’m here, what did they bury in Al Simmons’ grave?

Rise up! Be Born Again! Soldier of the Light! Anti-Spawn!

Pitt #1-4 & Extra-Image Presents Pitt (1993)

by Dale Keown & Brian Hotton

The lines were drawn. Destruction of Chakra was imminent. Only one had the power to halt their impending onslaught.

I’m scared Grampa. I wish Mom and Dad were here… I don’t think things will ever be the same again.


you are not at war with this planet, PITT. as a matter of fact, we may end up playing an important role in it’s salvation.

Image is Everything

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