Spawnometer 0:0:1:7: PITT 2- Still Rippin’ (1994-1995)

Spawn #17 &
Pitt #5-8

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Spawn #17

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo

“Reflections” Part 2
Dedicated To: Ross Andru

Just as your new Spawn body is composed of psychoplasm and can change shape, so too can this gateway assume the forms of any thoughts and emotions imprinted upon it.

The soldier is ready. Our Anti-Spawn has been prepared for his first battle.

Just what were Wynn’s connections to alleged Youngblood covert operations and all those other sneaky little dirty-tricks outings nobody seems to want to report?

Pitt #5-8 (1994-1995)

by Dale Keown & Brian Hotton

So many questions… and the only one who can answer them… resides within the subconscious of an eight year old boy.

It’s the men who attacked the girl. Somebody removed their heads. The girl…?

You… my noseless friend, are coming with us! No if’s, and’s, or but’s… The powers that be, may just go lightly on this particular offense, that is proving you come along peacefully.

I serve NO one! I do not have TIME for this! The boy NEEDS me!

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