ZombiCast: Duration of Dawn of the Dead

ZombiCast [00:02:00] Duration of Dawn of the Dead

Album art by Richard Van Ingram
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Listener Discretion Advised
Movies by Minutes-style coverage of George A. Romero’s horror masterpiece, researched by Diabolu Frank with archival footage throughout. This episode offers a George Romero “autobiography,” a Christine Forrest Romero spotlight, and a look at the music of the film with emphasis on Goblin’s “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi”.
Bonus movie review: Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2.

WGON TV (News Traffic Weather)

  • Screenplay courtesy of HorrorLair
  • Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition) commentary excerpt courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Dawn of the Dead novelization by George A. Romero and Susanna Sparrow published by Gallery Books
  • Dawn of the Dead Audiobook as read by Jonathan Davis for Audible Studios
  • “Cosmogony Part 1” by Paul Lemel
  • “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” by Goblin
  • “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi (Alternate Take)” by Goblin
  • “Zombi (The Living Dead Voices)” by Goblin
  • “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” by Roger Rotor
  • “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” by Bloodstar
  • “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” by Nemesi
  • News footage courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh
  • Lyceum clip courtesy of Pittsburgh PBS
  • Masters of Horror clip courtesy of Showtime Networks Inc./CBS Corporation
  • The Dick Cavett Show clips courtesy of Daphne Productions, Inc.
  • Time Magazine clip courtesy of TIME USA, LLC.
  • TIFF clip courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival Inc.
  • KVIFF clip courtesy of Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary:
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