Spawnometer 0:0:2:0: Batman & Houdini

Spawn #20 &
Daring Escapes &
Spawn/Batman [“Red Scare”] &
Batman/Spawn: War Devil

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Spawn #20

by Tom Orzechowski & Andrew Grossberg and Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington & Todd McFarlane

“Showtime” Part 2
Dedicated To: Roy Thomas

…Yousef Volokhov, a visiting scientist from the East-West Atomic Warfare, Science and Applications Conference, is still unaccounted for…

Percival Issacsen-Smythe, please… Fitzgerald, Terence D., A5A-923777… Yo Percy. I just got the bejeesus kicked out of me. Nah, some match-crisp dude helped me out.

I had so much to learn from you, Houdini– if you really were Houdini.

Daring Escapes #1-4 (1998)

by Tom Orzechowski & Andy Grossberg and Alan Weiss & Jim Fern & Art Nichols

Spawn-Batman (1994)

by Frank Miller & Todd McFarlane

Among the dregs of humanity, Batman listens– for any scant clue… now and then he hears legends of one of their own named “Al”– a bum possessed with magical powers. Nonsense, he thinks.

It’s not just a story. It was Batman. And if he’s working for Nadia Vladova– or Margaret Love, as she’s calling herself– then he’s not the hero everybody says he is…

Batman-Spawn: War Devil (1994)

by Doug Moench & Chuck Dixon & Alan Grant and Klaus Janson

Image is Everything

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