Marvel Handbook Podcast

The Marvel Handbook episode A3

Alpha Primitives 🃡 American Eagle 🃣 Anaconda
🃬 Angar The Screamer

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The original 1983 edition of the encyclopedic The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is discussed entry-by-entry, episode-by-episode, in a general audiences appropriate forum with Diabolu Frank and a revolving host of co-hosts, including…

🗨 with Illegal Machine of The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast & Mister Fixit of The Spawnometer

🗩 with derekwc of History of Comics On Film

🗪 with Odell Abner Dracula

🗩 with Caroline Wells

Alpha Primitives, American Eagle, Anaconda, Angar The Screamer, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Serpent Society, The Thing, Thunderbolts, Marvel Handbook Podcast, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, 1983, Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics Podcast,

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