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Spawn #29 & Angela (1995)

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Spawn #29

by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo & thanks to Kevin Conrad

Dedicated To: Michael Murphy

If you get into the habit, you might find yourself hitting someone you love, like I did, and regretting it forever. It’s not worth it. You’ve got a great couple of kids there, and they need a father. It’s time you started acting like one. A lot of people have good feelings about you, Joe… It’s time the two most important ones felt the same way. End of sermon. Now, I want to leave a little reminder for you…

Angela (1995)

by Beau Smith & Brad Gorby with various

I’ve taken down over thirty Hellspawn in my time. You’re not like any of the others. I want to know why.

It’s gotta be the heavy religion factor that seems to radiate from Earth. Mass quantities of those that thump the Bible. Hunting Hellspawn was easier then. You had a mission. No gray area. You found them, you killed them, and that was that.

The night screamed with madness and fury. But even it was dwarfed by the insanity and evil that flowed through the body of CUT THROAT,


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