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Spawn #30 &
Tribe &
Valeria the She-Bat

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Spawn #30

by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo & thanks to Kevin Conrad

“The Clan”
Dedicated To: Little Katie and Cyan

Those white-trash maggots! I swear they’ll pay for this! If it’s the last thing I do, they’ll pay!

So believe me, I understand your anger… but they’ve only torched your fields. When they had all they could stomache of me, they torched something far more precious. That’s why I wear the mask. Because of them.

WHAT?! It’s a friggin’ colored! How dare you desecrate the sacred robe?! NO darkie is worthy of its touch! How dare you mess with us?!

Valeria the She-Bat (1993)

by Neal Adams with Peter Stone

Tribe (1993)

by Larry Stroman & Todd Johnson

Image is Everything

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