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Spawn #31 &
Violator vs. Badrock (1995) &
Celestine (1996)

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Spawn #31

by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo

“The Homecoming”
Dedicated To: Tom Palmer

Filled with an anxiety he didn’t expect, Spawn breaks into a sprint. Adrenalin pumps harder. He needs his alleys. Moreso, he wants them.

Gentlemen, let this serve as a formal introduction. I am Rafael. I am taking over for Gabrielle, who has been removed as Commander of Terran Affairs.

Earlier today in New York City’s Bowery, a “mysterious light” was at the center of the unexpected disappearance of one of the area’s leading citizens. Phil Timper had worked with the homeless through various charities and shelters for eleven years, and was honored last year…

Violator vs. Badrock #1-4 (1995)

by Alan Moore & Brian Denham & Jonathan Sibal & Danny Miki

Through here we have video records of the shopping mall incident last year in New York that inspired Project Dante… A group of extra-terrestrial beings, strikingly similar to the medieval concept of demons, appeared from thin air…

Celestine #1-2 (1996)

by Warren Ellis & Patrick Lee & various

Where do angels go when they die?

There is an angel who has killed angels. There was a rebellion in heaven once, and she wore the teeth of the rebels as jewelry. She struck them down, and thought nothing of where she was sending them…

I fought a demon on Earth, and he tricked me. He tore out my heart and threw it on the floor.

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