DC Comics Encyclopedia Diaries, DC Special

DC Special Podcast: The DK Encyclopedia Diaries, Volume XII

Volume XII
The Drunken Guide To The Characters Of The DC Universe

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Coarse Language: Listener Discretion is Advised


Air Wave 0

Iris Allen / Linda Park 2

Amazing Man 4

Amazo 9

Ambush Bug 11

Andromeda 25

Angle Man 28


Black Zero 8


Doctor Psycho (New 52) 8


The League of Ancients 11

Legion of Super-Heroes (New 52) 20


Linda Park / Iris Allen 2


Superboy Jonathan Lane Kent 11

Superboy Kon-El (New 52; cont.) 0


Wild Girl 27

Wildsiderz 22

Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark (New 52) 3

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