Power of the Atom Podcast #5

The 2nd Man in Space




Power of Captain Atom Podcast #3

Introducing Captain Atom

DC Bloodlines Podcasts – Power of the Atom Podcast #3 – “Introducing Captain Atom”

The third episode of POTAcast takes its cues from the blog and turns over its space/numbering to co-star Captain Atom! We cover the debut of Charlton’s Atomic Age Action Hero in March 1960’s Space Adventures #33, near-identically paralleling the anthology bow of the Tiny Titan (off by one issue and predating it by more than a year!) courtesy of Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Text version here.

Power of the Atom Podcast #2

Battle of the Tiny Titans!

DC Bloodlines Podcasts – Power of the Atom Podcast #2 – “Battle of the Tiny Titans!”

The second episode of the Mighty Mite’s mini-podcast looks at the second story from October 1961’s Showcase #34 featuring the debut of Ray Palmer in his costumed identity as The Atom! “Battle of the Tiny Titans!” comes courtesy of Gardner Fox, Gil Kane & Murphy Anderson. Text version here.