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Spawn #28 & Shadowhawk #5-7 (1993)

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Spawn #28

by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo & thanks to Kevin Conrad

Dedicated To: Terry Austin

I’ve seen the error of my ways. Relied far too heavily on The Lord. He’s forsaken me. I understand that now. Even after all I’ve given of myself, I shall never enter His kingdom. So I cast away my allegiance.

I must be crazy. Didn’t like having to lie to Terry about where I was going, but he’d have never let me go alone. The dumb thing is, he’d’ve been right. The chances of me being able to find the Spawn are pretty remote… But he’s got the answers to some very serious questions. Like… who tried to kill my husband?


Shadowhawk II #1-3 (1993)

by Jim Valentino

The Secret Revealed

Been gone for only six weeks… just long enough for the wounds to heal from my fight with The Dragon… and some punk kid has usurped by turf!

I’m not a super-hero. I stop violent crime. I’m not into common robbery.

There’s a guy out there that I might have inspired… killing Black men…

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