Spawnometer 0:0:2:5: Image Zero

Spawn #25 &

Image Zero #0 &
Image X-Month &
Operation: Urban Storm &
Shadowhawk: Out of the Shadows &
The Savage Dragon: Baptism of Fire

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Spawn #25

by Todd McFarlane & Marc Silvestri & Matt Banning & Billy Tan

Dedicated To: The Spirit of Independence

Not Overtkill. Not SPAWN. Not GOD. NOTHING’S going to save Vito!

You people have become LAZY! Always turning to me for help. Well I don’t have the answers. I can’t solve ALL your problems. I’ve got a few of my own.

It wasn’t long ago that Vito forced me to be his guinea pig… The combination of chemicals, microsurgery, who knows what sort of radiation and anti-rejection drugs transformed me.

Image Zero #0

by Rob Liefeld & Art Thibert; Jim Lee & Brandon Choi & Scott Williams; Todd McFarlane & Dan Panosian; Erik Larsen; Marc Silvestri; Jim Valentino & Christopher Ivy; and Whilce Portacio

Extra-Image: Shadowhawk (1992)

by Jim Valentino

Operation: Urban Storm

featuring Shadowhawk, Savage Dragon, & Stormwatch

Shadowhawk #0 (1994)

by Rob Liefeld & Karl Alstaetter & Robert Napton

Cyberforce #8 (1994)

by Eric Silvestri & Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington & John Cleary

Youngblood #9 (1994)

by Jim Valentino & Dan Fraga

Savage Dragon #13 (1994)

by Jim Lee & Brandon Choi & Richard Bennett & Alex Garner & Dan Panosian & Scott Williams

WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #14 (1994)

by Erik Larsen

Stupid #1 (1993)

by Hilary Barta

Splitting Image #1-2 (1993)

by Don Simpson

The Savage Dragon vs. The Savage Megaton Man #1 (1993)

by Erik Larsen & Don Simpson

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  • Zero Hour Strikes!: Co-hosts Siskoid and Bass cover the whole of DC Comics’ Zero Hour 1994 crossover event!
  • Savage FINcast: Hosted by a rotating cast (mostly Jim and Craig), they discuss all things and feature interviews about the classic comic Savage Dragon and general Erik Larsen related news.

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Spawnometer 0:0:2:4: Bloodstrike

Spawn #24 & Bloodstrike #1-3 (1993) & Brigade #1-3 (1993) & Bloodstrike: Brutalists #0 (2018)

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Spawn #24

by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 4
Dedicated To: Joe Sinnot

It looks like someone burned his face off. God… what’s this guy been through?

Jason Wynn has become consumed with this case… He knows Fitzgerald is no traitor, but circumstances made him the logical suspect. Rather than admit his error, Wynn continues to conduct a brutal investigation.

And… if he so much as looks at you cross-eyed, make sure his death looks like an accident. Do you read me?

Bloodstrike: Brutalists #0 (2018)

by Michel Fiffe

Project: Born Again.

We’re… reanimating a civilian?

Bodyslide’s finally patched through– we’ll have to come back for Deadlock. Aw, he was just a pity recruit anyway.

Bloodstrike #1-3 (1993)

by Rob Liefeld & Dan Fraga & Eric Stephenson & & various

It’s been a long time coming, Battlestone, but it looks like we’re finally gonna get the chance to settle our differences once and for all– brother to brother!

Brigade #1-3 (1993)

by Rob Liefeld & Marat Mychaels & Norm Rapmund & Eric Stephenson

It’s been three months since the members of Brigade last set foot on their native earth, although as their ship silently arcs toward their base of operations in Malibu, California, it seems more like a lifetime.

Nice shooting, Cabbot, you nailed the little bimbo right between the eyes! Precision like that almost makes me wonder why they even bother sending the rest of us on these little road trips! I mean, in these recession-stricken times, a solo act of your caliber would definitely be more cost-effective, no?

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Spawnometer 0:0:2:3: Violator (featuring Bart Sears)

Spawn #23
Violator (1994)

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Spawn #23

by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 3
Dedicated To: Don Thompson

Since his reconstruction, Overtkill has been programmed to believe he’s now faces Spawn, who nearly destroyed him a few weeks ago.

Yet for all his effort, Terry is only human– not nearly fast enough to outrun a bio-laser stream.

With uncanny accuracy, the bullet enters Overtkill’s body through a small opening in the ear cavity…

Violator #1-3 (1994)

by Alan Moore & Bart Sears & Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington

I mean, maybe I don’t look like a demon outta hell no more, but that don’t mean I ain’t thinkin’ like one!

Well, before I admonish you, I’d like to know one thing… which one of you is Roosevelt?

HEY, wake up an’ smell the brimstone, pal! How much d’ya think fightin’ four dudes like me is gonna drain your goddamn power levels?? Anyway, once the Malebolgia’s curse is lifted, I can give you the energy back!

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Al Simmons, Billy Kincaid, Chapel, Cyan, Greg Capullo, Bart Sears, Jason Wynn, Overt-Kill, Sam and Twitch, Spawn, Spawn Podcast, Terry Fitzgerald, The Violator, The Vindicator, Todd McFarlane, Tony Twist, Wanda Blake, Phlebiac Brothers, The Admonisher, Youngblood, Malebolgia, Trencher


Spawnometer 0:0:2:2: Supreme Madness

Spawn #22 &
Supreme #7-18

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Spawn #22

by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 2
Dedicated To: Frank Miller

As for Joe Sakic, three days from now, his body will be found under the George Washington Bridge, with his hands and feet viciously severed. Decapitated. Even his genitals will be missing. The police will conduct a full investigation, but in the absence of anything identifiable about the body, will have to close the case of John Doe 1994-714. Such is the life of a trusted employee of Vito Gravano.

One of the bums he knows says our hero usually hangs out in the same four block radius. I’ve mapped it out already, sir.

God, no. Vito thinks I’M Terry.

Supreme #7-18 (1993-1994)

by Eric Stephenson & Kurt Hathaway & Rob Liefeld & Ripley and Shawn McManus & Brian Murray & Pedi & Cedric Nocon & Dan Fraga & Todd Nauck & Marat Mychaels with Norm Rapmund & various

…Your lack of control over the G.A.T.E. sponsored super-team Heavy Mettle… the public… and I… distrust them… Consider the team disbanded as of this very moment!

I will bring the entire Reich– indeed the whole of Germany to its knees until Adolph Hitler is brought to me! Know that I mean what I say– for Thor does not make idle threats!!

Welcome to Eye On Supreme. I’m Maxine Winslow, and tonight we’re talking with… the first of his super-powered generation to appear in this century.

Today everyone looks at me with suspicion– as if they seem to have forgotten how I saved their butts in the Big One… Only to find that I’d been replaced by others— the Youngbloods. They thought the world had outgrown me. The fools.

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Spawnometer 0:0:2:1: Youngblood Yearbook

Spawn #21 &
Youngblood Yearbook &
Team Youngblood #1-6 &
Youngblood Strikefile

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Spawn #21

by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 1
Dedicated To: Mike Grell

I don’t want your pity… I just don’t want you turning out to be like me or the other guys. We look up to you… the boys and I like like having you around. Makes us feel a bit cocky, if you know what I mean. If you can’t pick up the pieces, then you ain’t any better that us.

The matter of that little fat Clown, the dismantling of that hired gun Overt-Kill, and the invasion of your office by a costumed vigilante. Calling in The Admonisher to deal with the clown was a brilliant move, sir.

…the costumed invader… he’s Terence Fitzgerald, an operative for some ultra-covert agency.

Youngblood Strikefile #4 (1994)

by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Jeff Matsuda & Danny Miki

Overtkill was one of my greatest creations, as well as being one of my most dramatic failures.

Youngblood Yearbook #1 (1993)

by Eric Stephenson, Chap Yaep & Norm Rapmund

Greetings, outlanders. This… is Arcadia.

Team Youngblood #1-6 (1993-1994)

by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Chap Yaep, Cedric Nocon & Norm Rapmund with various

So, whaddya think, Al? Are these guys what hi-jacked the space station gonna take over the world, or what?

To summarize the situation in the simplest of terms… we won. The Liberty II is now free of Cybernet influence and the satellite network Giger had sought to control has been restored to its proper working order.

Is it true that Psi-Fire and Brahma are no longer with the team?

Tales of Team Youngblood… “The Coming of Cougar”

Masada in Youngblood Strikefile #6 (1994)

by Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Chris Sprouse, and John Beatty

Midnight. The darkness broils with angry, discordant voices. Voices long dead, but forever living. The souls that possess Deborah Konigsberg and give her the powers of Masada…

Cougar in Youngblood: Strikefile #9-11 (1994)

by Robert Loren Fleming, Charlie Adlard, & Tom Tenney

Have you seen the King of the Cats today, Mr. Lion?

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  • Action Film Face-Off: The Alberich brothers – both military combat veterans – are each assigned an action film to compare and contrast. Two films enter. One film leaves.

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Spawnometer 0:0:2:0: Batman & Houdini

Spawn #20 &
Daring Escapes &
Spawn/Batman [“Red Scare”] &
Batman/Spawn: War Devil

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Spawn #20

by Tom Orzechowski & Andrew Grossberg and Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington & Todd McFarlane

“Showtime” Part 2
Dedicated To: Roy Thomas

…Yousef Volokhov, a visiting scientist from the East-West Atomic Warfare, Science and Applications Conference, is still unaccounted for…

Percival Issacsen-Smythe, please… Fitzgerald, Terence D., A5A-923777… Yo Percy. I just got the bejeesus kicked out of me. Nah, some match-crisp dude helped me out.

I had so much to learn from you, Houdini– if you really were Houdini.

Daring Escapes #1-4 (1998)

by Tom Orzechowski & Andy Grossberg and Alan Weiss & Jim Fern & Art Nichols

Spawn-Batman (1994)

by Frank Miller & Todd McFarlane

Among the dregs of humanity, Batman listens– for any scant clue… now and then he hears legends of one of their own named “Al”– a bum possessed with magical powers. Nonsense, he thinks.

It’s not just a story. It was Batman. And if he’s working for Nadia Vladova– or Margaret Love, as she’s calling herself– then he’s not the hero everybody says he is…

Batman-Spawn: War Devil (1994)

by Doug Moench & Chuck Dixon & Alan Grant and Klaus Janson

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  • The Magic Detective Podcast: Dean Carnegie covers all magic history, especially stories about Houdini, and many lesser known magicians.
  • The Overlooked Dark Knight: Hosted by Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, their mandate is to shine a light on Batman stories that hardly anyone talks about and stick mainly with the Bronze Age of the Caped Crusader.
  • Batrankings: Join your hosts, Ben Creighton and Kenny Windorski, as they use unimpeachable SCIENCE to create an authoritative ranking of episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:9: WildC.A.T.s Compendium (1993)

Spawn #19 &
WildC.A.T.s Trilogy &
WildC.A.T.s Special

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Spawn #19

by Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington and Tom Orzechowski & Andrew Grossberg

“Showtime” Part 1
Dedicated To: Chris Claremont

This atomic event may tell us something about the effects of mundane high-energy particle bombardment on infernal matter.

Elsewhen/where: The place is known as The Overlap. It is a reality that intersects all planes of existence. It is the birthplace of what’s called magic.

There’s no way I’m going to believe you’re Harry Houdini… Aren’t you dead or something?

WildC.A.T.s Trilogy #1-3 (1993)

by Jae Lee and Brandon Choi & Dafydd Wyn

WildC.A.T.S Special #1 (1993)

by Travis Charest and Steve Gerber with various

…I suppose Hightower’s entitled to some braggin’ rights this time. He and that Coda, Sister Artemis, got the drop on us but good. I guess that’s the worst part for me, The Grifter, bein’ suckered by my old friend, Lonely, into a trap, only to be used as bait to lure the other WildC.A.T.s.

Bring you back to Themiscrya and lead a revolt against me, Andromache, the ruling Majestrix of The Coda!

The most brutal war on the planet– at the moment– is the one between Yurgovia and Kasmia in Eastern Europe. The Kasmians are poorly organized, poorly armed– all but defenseless against the armies of the Yurgovian Baroness Destine.

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:8: PITT 3- In The Blood (1995-1997)

Spawn #18 &
Pitt #½, 9-14 & In The Blood

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Spawn #18

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo with Art Thibert & Dan Panosian

“Reflections” Part 3
Dedicated To: Dick Ayers

‘You gotta watch out for your buddies.’ That was the rule.

You think you can hurt me — Heaven’s soldier?

Wanda. I saved it for you.

PITT #9-14 (1995-1997)

by Dale Keown (with Steve Gerber & various)


by Richard Pace

High above the world, in the silence of space, the being known as Jereb, Child of Future Light, bade farewell to the Creed hybrid whose body and mind he shared for so long.

Over twenty-six ground-based armor units and twenty air combat units are being prepped as we speak. We’re modifying forty battlesuits for our ground troops. The alpha and beta class psychics’ battle gear is also being upgraded… After this battle, there may no longer be a Connecticut.

Ever since you showed up, my whole life sucks!

What kinda school is an electoral college, Grandpa?

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:7: PITT 2- Still Rippin’ (1994-1995)

Spawn #17 &
Pitt #5-8

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Spawn #17

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo

“Reflections” Part 2
Dedicated To: Ross Andru

Just as your new Spawn body is composed of psychoplasm and can change shape, so too can this gateway assume the forms of any thoughts and emotions imprinted upon it.

The soldier is ready. Our Anti-Spawn has been prepared for his first battle.

Just what were Wynn’s connections to alleged Youngblood covert operations and all those other sneaky little dirty-tricks outings nobody seems to want to report?

Pitt #5-8 (1994-1995)

by Dale Keown & Brian Hotton

So many questions… and the only one who can answer them… resides within the subconscious of an eight year old boy.

It’s the men who attacked the girl. Somebody removed their heads. The girl…?

You… my noseless friend, are coming with us! No if’s, and’s, or but’s… The powers that be, may just go lightly on this particular offense, that is proving you come along peacefully.

I serve NO one! I do not have TIME for this! The boy NEEDS me!

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:6: PITT

Spawn #16 &
Pitt #0.5-4

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Spawn #16

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo

“Reflections” Part 1
Dedicated To: Max Gaines

Welcome to Simmonsville, Major Vale. Our very own little piece of Hell on Earth.

And if I’m here, what did they bury in Al Simmons’ grave?

Rise up! Be Born Again! Soldier of the Light! Anti-Spawn!

Pitt #1-4 & Extra-Image Presents Pitt (1993)

by Dale Keown & Brian Hotton

The lines were drawn. Destruction of Chakra was imminent. Only one had the power to halt their impending onslaught.

I’m scared Grampa. I wish Mom and Dad were here… I don’t think things will ever be the same again.


you are not at war with this planet, PITT. as a matter of fact, we may end up playing an important role in it’s salvation.

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