Spawnometer 0:0:1:4: Wetworks Ashcan

Spawn #14 &
Wetworks Ashcan (1992)

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Spawn #14

by Todd McFarlane

“Myths” Part 1
Dedicated To: Jim Salicrup

It was I! …Humble little ol’ VIOLATOR! …Now now, boys. I gave you the courtesy of hearing about your heroes. I ask only for a few moments of your time as I tell you about my adventures… Over 800 years ago…

I hope Chief Banks is dying of an ulcer! We shoved it right up his rear! …The investigating board didn’t know anything about him. With us cleared, they’re antsy to find out what really happened.

How could I be so stupid. I’ve let anger dictate my actions. Chapel now knows I’m alive…

Wetworks Ashcan

by Whilce Portacio & Scott Williams

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:3: Chapel

Spawn #13 &
Chapel #1-2 (1995) &
Chapel #1 (1997)

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Spawn #13

by Todd McFarlane

“Flashback” Part 2
Dedicated To: George Perez

Bloodstrike: Brutalists #0, 23-24 (2018)

by Paul Maybury

Operation: Knightstrike #1-3 (1995)

by Brian Witten & Richard Horie

Chapel #1-2 (1992)

by Brian Witten, Eric Stephenson, Tom Tenney, & Calvin Irving

Chapel #1 (1997)

by Robert Place Napton & John Stinsman

Battlestone #1-2 (1994)

by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson & Marat Mychaels

Youngblood Strikefile #1-3 (1993)

by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson & Jae Lee

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:2: Cyberforce

Spawn #12 &
Cyberforce #1-4 (1992)

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Spawn #12

by Todd McFarlane

“Flashback” Part 1
Dedicated To: Shel Dorf

Do you, Wanda Catherine Blake, take this man…

Washington, D.C. The office of Jason Wynn, C.I.A.

In a major coup for Paramount, studio executives have purchased the film rights to Mark Curtis’ bestseller, “Courageous Ambitions: The Al Simmons Story.”

Cyberforce #1-4 (1992)

by Marc Silvestri & Eric Silvestri

“The Tin Men of War”

The spirit with no fear of man or his machines. The spirit of the bear. The spirit that will guide the hands… of RIPCLAW.

Big crowd, tough talk, looking out for this guy ain’t gonna be easy… This city ain’t ready for a mutant mayor. Ain’t ready for mutants period.

Velocity… we’ll be back. You can run… but you can’t hide… from Cyberdata.

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:1: Supreme (1992)

Spawn #11 &
Supreme Vol.2 #1-6

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Spawn #11

by Frank Miller & Todd McFarlane

Dedicated To: Gil Kane

White middle class computer geek street gangs. At least it’s not a talking aardvark.

A turf war– and Spawn’s home is right in the middle of it.

Sure, this is a smelly, filthy rathole of an alley. But it’s my smelly, filthy rathole of an alley.

Supreme #1-6 (1992)

by Rob Liefeld & Brian Murray

“Second Coming”

You! Supreme… HAH!! This worn out carcass couldn’t be the Supreme! The legend… who led my people to victory at Maxia… bah! YOU DARE INSULT HIS HONOR!!

Your illustrious career and contributions are of course chronicled in history books…

Sentinel, Glory, Superpatriot… all my old comrades… gone. Once Earth’s greatest heroes, they were all ultimately defeated by their own mortality!

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Spawnometer 0:0:1:0: Infiniti

Spawn #10 &
EXtra-Image Presents #1-4

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Spawn #10

by Dave Sim & Todd McFarlane

“Crossing Over”
Dedicated To: Don Heck

There is a line of men. Their hands are bound behind them. They are hooded. Helpless… Without them Spawn (I… He) could not exist… Beneath their hoods they are weeping.



Their creators. The ones who sold them. Like Cerebus said. It’s best not to think about it.


by Eric Stephenson & Richard Horie

“Awakenings”, “Awakenings Part Two”, “Strange Interlude” & “Bull Rush”

Trans-dimensional jump successful. I have arrived on Earth… and my readings indicate that these crude attempts at constructing artificial life from existing genetic matrices will suffice our needs.

On Capitol Hill today, Senator Edward Rife continued to push for renewed investigation into the dealings of former CIA Director Jedemiah Hagstrom.

Memory or no memory, I’m here for a reason. And no matter how self-righteous it sounds, it’s my duty to protect people. I bet Enigma knew it all along.

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Spawnometer 0:0:0:9: Angela’s Hunt

Spawn #9 &
Angela (1994 miniseries) #1-3

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Spawn #9

by Neil Gaiman & Todd McFarlane

Dedicated To: Harvey Kurtzman

Oh, poor little hellspawn. You have been hunted… Now you’ll never be a captain in the army of the Malebolgia.

Count Nicholas Cagliostro. At your service, Mr. Simmons.

You did a deal with the devil, huh? You hadn’t even stopped to think about which one?

Men call me Angela.

Angela #1-3 (1994)

by Neil Gaiman & Greg Capullo

Dedicated To: Mike Gaiman, Jack Kirby, Susan Alston and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

I’ve been decorated a dozen times in the battle against the forces of the Malebolgia… I’ve personally destroyed over thirty hellspawn. No one has ever questioned my integrity before. No one who wanted to keep their vital organs intact and inside them…

This is Gabrielle, Director of Terran Affairs, reporting formally to The Metatron via The First Dominion… concerning the missing dimensional lance…

200 years old. Your first case. Bizarre– I was foolishly expecting a fair trial.

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Spawnometer 0:0:0:8: The Savage Dragon’s Baptism of Fire

Spawn #8 &
The Savage Dragon (1992 miniseries) #1-3

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Spawn #8

by Alan Moore & Todd McFarlane

“In Heaven”
Dedicated To: Don & Maggie Thompson

i mean, nobody deserves that! not even, say, somebody who did twenty-seven kids and kept the bodies in his ice cream truck. which i didn’t. and even if i did, isn’t there a constitutional rights issue here? hmmm?

what kind of afterlife is this?

There’s ten dead-lands. Like spheres, one inside another.

Now THIS, this place you’re gonna like! Some people call is the Eighth Sphere, some call it The Malebolge, but ME… I call it HOME!!

The Savage Dragon: Baptism of Fire (1992)

by Erik Larsen

Chicago, Illinois. Now.

I’m Lieutenant Frank Darling from the Chicago Police Department… You were found in a burning vacant lot. Do you have any idea how you got there? Do you remember anything about your life prior to waking up here? How come you have green skin?

Listen, Dragon. I need your help. We’re being slaughtered out there. Super-freaks have stopped us at every turn. Cops are dying, local super-heroes are being put out of commission… You’ve got power, Dragon– we need somebody like you on our side.

Cops sent a damn monster to get me.

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